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The cultural value of classical music by Anna Bull

Back in October 2014, I visited Cambridge for the first time, to do a presentation for a CRASSH event organised by the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network entitled ‘Creativity and Capitalism: Opponents or Allies?’. My answer, which drew on a project I had been working on for most of that year, in short, was ‘it depends […]

Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Culture is going to meet its maker. It will cease to be. It is no more by Steven Hadley

In 2004, when I was still a PhD student, I published a chapter of my thesis with the title ‘Auditing Culture: The subsidised cultural sector in the New Public Management’. In the article, I critiqued the pressures that the new systems of auditing and performance measurements that the New Labour administration had introduced in the […]

From Taking Part to everyday participation by Susan Jones

For a while now, I have been mulling over the possibility of including a feature on this web site on reviews of newly published books that speak to the broad set of themes, research questions and concerns that fall under the umbrella label of ‘cultural value’ (or that indeed challenge it!). As I was until […]

Quality in Participatory Art by Toby Lowe

Whenever I give a presentation or a lecture on cultural value in relation to cultural policy, I try to sneak into my talk a quote by Richard Hoggart, which I think expresses pithily yet compellingly the essence of the ‘issue’ for which cultural value is often used as a shorthand. In ‘The Way We Live […]

Who gets to feel the magic? By Ben Lee

In his guest post for the blog, Ben Lee of Shared Intelligence reports on a piece of work commissioned by Arts Council England for the purpose of exploring new ways of understanding and assessing ‘quality’ and ‘excellence’, especially in projects that also have a social aim and whose ambition is to have a real impact […]

We are socially engaged by Stephen Pritchard

Our regular contributor Stephen Pritchard has kindly agreed to review for The #culturalvalue initiative ‘Evaluation Survey of Artists’, a recent report by ArtWorks, one of the Paul Hamlyn’s Foundation’s Special Initiatives. The Foundation clearly has great ambitions for this project, whose web page states boldly: ‘This Special Initiative is an important intervention that will cause […]

The politics of cultural value: Towards an emancipatory framework By Eleonora Belfiore

I am reposting here a short piece I wrote a while back for the blog of the AHRC Cultural Value Project and which was published on that site on the 18th of July 2014 (you can see the original post here). The post gives information of a project I have been working on, funded by the […]

The value and impact of culture: what more would we like to know? By Dave O’Brien

Arts Council England has just published a new report entitled ‘Understanding the value and impacts of cultural experiences’, consisting of a literature review that the US arts consultancy WolfBrown produced for ACE. Dave O’Brien’s guest post reviews the report and looks at it in the context of what is now a rich and diverse research […]

What Participatory Arts can teach us about Political Engagement by Malaika Cunningham

The connection between arts and politics has a long history, and one that is both made up of brave attempts to connect the making of art to struggles to empower, give voice to and support the cause of those oppressed or at the bottom of the socio-economic scale, and to infamous attempts to use the […]

Questioning the specious quantification of cultural impacts by Eric Jensen

The problem of arts impact evaluation is one dear to my heart. My first ever published article (which was reworked from my MA dissertation and it is still my most cited paper) was a critique of the methodological approach to impact measurement that was prevalent in the late 1990s. A few years later, I wrote […]

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