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Culture and economics: looking for the buried hatchet by Patrycja Kaszynska

The difficult relationship between cultural value, economics, and the problem of measurement and evaluation is at the heart of The #culturalvalue Initiative project, which seeks to counteract the predominance of economics derived language and methods in cultural policy discourse. The need for this is not rooted in the denial of the economic dimension of the […]

Cracking open cultural experiences: what else may sociology tell us about art? By Simone Varriale

One of the most interesting recent developments on The #culturalvalue Initiative blog is the burgeoning debate on what sociology can contribute to the study of the arts, aesthetic experiences and – via this route – cultural value. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pierre Bourdieu has found himself at the centre of this lively discussion, the latest instalment of […]

The value of working differently: The Theatre Absolute story by Chris O’Connell

This blog contribution by Chris O’Connell, playwright and artistic director of Theatre Absolute in Coventry offers a very interesting and personal perspective on the question of ‘access’, reaching new audiences and facilitating engagement with the arts, which are at the centre of cultural policy and arts funding debates. Yet, these are also topics that are […]

Here we go round the mulberry bush by Stephen Pritchard

Last December Daniel Allington contributed a post to this blog entitled ‘Intrinsically cultural value: a sociological perspective’. I was especially pleased that Daniel wanted to share his thoughts on cultural value here as I had been trying for a while to get a bit of an interdisciplinary conversation going, and I was especially keen to have sociological perspectives represented. […]

Cultural value and the mixtape by Kieran Fenby-Hulse

A while ago, Kieran posted a reflection on his blog on the mixtape as a helpful cultural object to consider in relation to some of the questions that are at the heart of the cultural value debate.  A lively debate ensued on twitter and many responded positively to Kieran’s post. Personally, I found it a delight to read, […]

Sociology and Art – the estranged bedfellows by Patrycja Kaszynska

Judging from the latest contributions to this blog, it would appear that the genre of the ‘mini-essay’ is booming. Admittedly, the confines of a blog posts might feel a bit constricting when the topic on hand is as weighty as developing new thinking on a complex problem, applying insights from research to policy thinking or […]

Hurrah, the Culture is Finished! By Stephen Pritchard

Stephen’s witty and well researched mini-essay contribution to The #culturalvalue Initiative originated in a lively twitter conversation that followed the publication of Daniel Allington’s guest post, Intrinsically cultural value: a sociological perspective in early December 2013. The conversation started off as a debate on the merits of Bourdieu’s work in pushing forward the cultural value […]

Intrinsically cultural value: a sociological perspective by Daniel Allington

The #culturalvalue initiative has been exploring the form of the mini-essay for those contributors who want to contribute a longer, more complex or elaborate set of reflections to the debate around cultural value. The mini-essay has proved a popular format and it especially lends itself – I would argue – to guest posts such as […]

A view from one of them econocrats: Efficiency and public libraries in England by Javier Stanziola

It is a real pleasure to introduce the latest contribution to this blog, partly becomes it comes from a colleague whom I have known for a long time, and had plenty of interesting discussions on questions of cultural policy, and the interface with research, but above all because Javier Stanziola is also an *actual* economist! […]

Cultural Value and Cultural Policy: An Australian Perspective by Julian Meyrick

This website is all about facilitating as broad a debate as possible on cultural value. The ambition is to get people thinking and discuss together across disciplinary, professional, ideological as well as geographical borders. In spite of the beauty of the interconnectedness that the web allows for, however, geography still matter when we talk about […]

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