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Frow, John (1995) Cultural Studies and Cultural Value. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press.

This enormously influential work of theoretical cultural studies takes the concept of value as its key term. Among the arguments contained are that cultural studies can no longer ignore the question of value; that cultural value is no longer organised in a hierarchical fashion or by a ‘general economy of value’ but around discrete and multiple ‘regimes of value’ that are socially organised; and that cultural intellectuals should recognise the specificity of their class positioning, including their interests as holders of cultural capital, and the forms of cultural value these entail. These are all key questions for that class of (what Foucault described as) “specific intellectuals”  who have to make decisions about, and critically reflect on, the distribution of cultural resources within society.

Entry ‘donated’ by Dr Scott Brook,  Assistant Professor of Writing, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra


Sayer, Andrew (1999) ‘Valuing Culture and Economy’, in Larry Ray and Andrew Sayer (eds) Culture and Economy after the Cultural Turn. London and New Delhi: Sage, 53-75.

Andrew Sayer’s article provides a provocative intervention into contemporary debates around culture and ‘the economic’ through a discussion of social theory and political economy. It seeks to remind us of a longer intellectual history in which normative questions of moral value have been expelled from  discourses on the economic and the aesthetic. Sayer argues that it is not so much a case of insisting on the value of ‘the cultural’ over ‘the economic’, but rather of returning questions of moral economy to both.

Entry ‘donated’ by Dr Scott Brook,  Assistant Professor of Writing, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra







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