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This page lists articles of relevance to the cultural value debate to be found in the press & online:

Arts funding: we are stronger together - Matt Burman says that we have to talk about emotional impact and quality of life when making the argument for arts funding from The Guardian’s cultural professionals network page, September 2012.

‘We’ve had enough monumental lies’ by Doug Hall, a former Australian commissioner for the Venice Biennale and former director of the Queensland Art Gallery. Published on www.theage.com.au on 10/09/2012

‘Why should we fund the arts?‘ – Playwright David Edgar comments on current cultural policy developments in Britain and the effects of cuts in arts spending: “Publicly funded arts institutions are under more pressure than ever to quantify the social benefits they bring, as would be done for schools and hospitals. But isn’t the crucial role of art to challenge the way society is run?”. Published in the Guardian on 5/01/2012

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